Thursday, October 24, 2013

When crafting doesn't go as planned...

I hope that all of you had an amazing week because apparently I have been so wrapped up in this dang craft show preparation that I totally lost track of time and haven't posted in a while! Ooops!
Here's  shot of the chaos so you believe me.

 I guess this week has been pretty disappointing too because it's not like I really just hammered out a bunch of tutorials for you and your going to get spewn a bunch of new knowledge or anything. I actually had one of those weeks where almost every project I touched failed.  Like, major fail.  There were a few minor victories in there but let's stress the few part. And then there's the new found joy that when I recently discovered that one of my pins (still not sure which one) got hacked and now pulls up some freaky porn site.  UGH.... insert disgusted face here please.  I apologize to anyone that this happened too and I hope it doesn't affect anymore of my pins :(  Anyone know how to fix that? Or prevent that from happening?

My first failure was trying to make some polymere clay owl ornaments.  I bought all of my materials but opted to buy the "cheaper" brand of polymere clay and payed for it big time!  The clay should only take 15 minutes to harden in the oven and I swear to you that I had that freaking thing in the oven for almost 3 hours, to no avail.  It was maybe half way hardened by the time I took it out.  I had to buy actual Fimo brand clay and try again.  So I guess I didn't save any money there.  I really ended up spending double. They turned out cute though so I'm happy with them I guess.

My next failure was these felt stuffed animal band aids I keep seeing on Pinterest. I thought, "Wow, what a genius idea! My kids will love them and then I can sell some packs of them as a smaller item at the craft show!"  I had struck crafting gold! Or so I thought...

I ended up running the the store to buy Velcro with a gleam on my face like I was just the smartest woman alive and these were going to be fan-freaking-tastic.  I then came home and like and idiot, cut up a million little felt band aids instead of just one to to test out and make sure they work.  After all of that, I attached my first piece of velcro and waited for the heavens to open up as I stuck it on a stuffed animal.

It fell off!!!!! Did you hear me? OFF! It fell off! Doesn't even stick.  I tried 6 more stuffed animals and I then I concluded that pinterest is a liar and I boycotted it.  For about an hour.

Then enter the rag quilt.  I have been wanting to try out a rag quilt for the longest time but my sewing machine have a tumultuous relationship and right now, it hates me.  I borrowed my aunts sweet sewing machine and now I rockin and rollin! Or bobbin and weavin? Ha, my jokes are terrible! Snort-snort!

I completely forgot that I should've bought flannel and got a little too excited about the regular fabric I found and bought that instead.  That's mistake number one.  Then I painstakingly cut out and assembled all of my squares and got to sewing.  I was pretty giddy at this point when I realized that my first time quilt was coming along swimmingly.

 Then came rag seam cutting time.  That's when all hell broke loose and  I accidentally cut more than one sewing seam and snipped the fabric :(  Again, This was something I had worked pretty hard on and it was just more than defeating to see all my hardwork unravel :(  I tried to fix it the best that I could and luckily, my seven year old isn't that picky.  She apparently loves it.  She even brought it to school for show and tell.

I guess sometimes our little plans don't exactly work out and I'm trying my best to be ok with that.  On the other hand I learned a TON of lessons along the way this week!

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