Monday, October 28, 2013

Polymer Clay Owl Ornaments

I know I've been talking about my craft show prep a little lately but now I think it's time to start showing a few of the items that I will be featuring at the sale!  
I have a love for owls lately, not really sure why.  I mean, really, when I think of owls I think of
the crazy burnt orange and brown owls that my aunt collected from back in the seventies.  But lately the owls I have been seeing are so cute! And modern!!  I just had to have some sort of owls at my booth.

These polymer clay ornaments are so easy to make and in my opinion, adorable!  Here's the list of supplies you'll need to whip up one of these cuties.

  • polymer clay in whatever colors you want (I recommend Fimo brand)
  • small rolling pin
  • wax paper
  • baking sheet
  • oven
  • circle cookie cutter
  • pen cap

Note: some things that are helpful to have but aren't really necessary are small circle cutters for the eyes.  If you don't have anything like that you can always just form small balls with your hands and then shape them that way.

Step one:
soften you clay a little so it's easier to work with and form into a ball.  Roll out the ball on wax paper until it's as big as you need for your large circle cutter.

Step two:
Cut out one larger circle and then position the circle cutter around the top of the circle and cut out a small section (this will be the area of the owls ears.

Step three:
Using a different color, roll out another circle and cut two shapes like below.  I don't know what this shape is called so a picture will just have to work.

Step four:
create your eyes however it is easiest for you.  I had very small cutters for these so that is how I did it but you could always just use your fingers to shape them.  You should also create a small triangle for the beak and two small triangles for the feet now too.

Step five: 
using a marker cap, make small half moon indentations along the owl belly to create the feather look. On the wings, I used a knife and made small lines to give a feathered look there too.

Step six: 
Assemble all you pieces together and make a small hole right above the eyes if you plan on hanging this as an ornament.  These would make adorable magnets too!  

Step seven:
Place your owls on a baking sheet (WITHOUT the wax paper!!) and follow the baking directions on the back of you polymer clay package.  Once they are cooled down, you can add you string and you're done!

Aren't they cute? I added some bows to a few of them so you can really be creative with how you want them to look.  

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