Saturday, October 12, 2013

School Spirit Christmas Ornaments

Good morning bloggy friends!  In case you haven't noticed, I've been a little absent from my blog this week.  Mr. Serene and I took a nice little trip out of town where I didn't have any access to my computer.  It was definitely strange to
go a whole week without being able to mess around on here!

Mr. Serene had a work conference to attend and I just kind of tagged along for some peace and relaxation time.  I did make good use of my time away though, I mostly spent it at Goodwill and Michaels shopping around for some fun crafty things to make for an upcoming craft show that I am doing with my sister-in-law. 

I've been playing around with some ornament ideas to sell at the craft fair. There are so many cute ideas out there!  

I decided to throw together some inexpensive materials to create a few "school spirit" type of glass bulbs first.  

Here's what you need for the first one:

  • curling ribbon (colors of your school)
  • clear glass ornament
  • scissors
  • charm or other accessories that match the school mascot or image (I used stickers)

1) cut your ribbon into 6-7" strips

2) Place the end of the ribbon between your thumb and one side of the scissor blade and pull up holding it tightly.


3) Remove the cap from the glass bulb and place in the charm of your choice.  I used little paw print (Go Wildcats!!) puffy stickers (stuck back to back so there is a paw print on both sides, if that makes sense) 


4) Place your freshly curled ribbon into the bulb.  Alternate the colors as you put them in so that the colors are layered.  You really don't want to go through getting all of your ribbon in and find out that all of one color is at the bottom!  

5) Place your cap back on and tie some cute curly ribbon around the top!

6)  I plan on using Armor Etch (glass etching cream) to add my school's name to the front of each bulb but I just haven't gotten there yet!  You could use anything to add some writing to the outside: puffy paints, vinyl letters, stickers, markers, or just plain ol' paint.  

The second ornament is slightly different but still give off some cute school spirit vibe.

Here's what you need:

  • scrapbook paper in the color of your school (or confetti, if you want to make it easier on yourself!)
  • hole punch
  • clear glass bulb
  • trinket or charm
  • curling ribbon

1) Using the hole punch, punch out a ton of circles to fit in your ornament bulb. You could definitely use confetti if you can find it in your school colors. I couldn't find yellow to save my life, so I had to do it the hard way...grrrrrr!

2) place your trinket or charm inside (I used the same stickers that I used in the first ornament listed above except this time I used the smaller stickers and added 3 in each bulb)

3) Put the cap back on and curl up some cute ribbon for awesome effect. 

Voila! Adorable and cheap school spirit now adorning your tree :)
I think these are so cute and a great gift idea for anyone working in the school district or for any student that is into the schools activities!  What do you think?

What kind of colors and trinket would yours have? 

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